Confidence Techniques for Exam Nerves

It is quite simply unfair that some students don’t get the results they should because they panic under pressure

The following techniques are shared to help the students to develop confidence:

  • A confidence technique proven to help people perform well under pressure
  • The ability to maintain a positive inner voice when under pressure
  • How to stay calm and relaxed when under extreme pressure
  • The importance of visualising a positive outcome
  • How to maintain a positive mindset
  • A technique to change from a negative to positive mindset
  • How to improve self-belief
  • How to maintain high energy during the day
  • The students are provided with an action plan to follow
  • They can also download a Mental Resilience handbook free of charge

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1 Hour Masterclass

I am very excited to announce that I have a new, highly effective one-hour Masterclass, dealing specifically with confidence for exam pressure for years 10, 11, 12 or 13 students.

In this Masterclass, I share a 3-step confidence technique which has personally taken me from being a ‘nervous wreck’ as a young boy to becoming a successful international speaker.

It has taken some time to develop this very effective one-hour Masterclass aimed specifically at students who suffer from exam nerves and fail to fulfil their potential. This also helps students handle the pressure of study and revision.

This highly effective Masterclass delivered ideally during a morning assembly, has proven to be very effective in dealing with the pressure and stress many students experience taking exams.

What some Academies are saying:

“An inspiring and thought-provoking talk on resilience, delivered with humour and humility. Indeed, the talk was enjoyed by both teachers and students.”

Mrs R Frost, Head of Sixth Form, Rushcliffe Academy

“It was great to see them embrace your visualisation techniques and hopefully by practising using their inner voice will enable them to achieve a more positive mind-set.”

Jackie Mann, Head of Sixth Form, Rossington All Saints Academy

“John's presentation delivered all that it promised. The presentation was lively, humorous and varied so that at an hour long, it offered something for all to take away.”

Janette Shea, Principal, Outwood Grange Post 16 Academy

“The presentation that John gave to our pupils was excellent. His personal accounts of the challenges that he faced during his own childhood were easy to relate to.”

Richard White, Assistant Headteacher, Farnborough Academy

“Thank you for the Mental Resilience talk you gave our Year 12 students this morning. Both the teachers and students who attended the session found in inspiring and thought-provoking.”

Sue Carter, Head of 6th Form, Arnold Hill Academy

Visualise Positive Outcomes

The mind is extremely powerful and the inner voice can either make you or break you. I teach the students how to control their inner voice and make it work positively rather than negatively for them.

The emotions are also key to confidence and I teach them how to control these emotions and to visualise a positive outcome to any pressure situation.

I do hope that I can change some lives with this Masterclass and I hope to hear from you.